About Capacitance

Welcome to Capacitance.

Capacitance is a monthly inter-media, multidisciplinary, improvisatory performance series in Guelph, Ontario.  We’re thrilled to kick off this series on September 20, 2015, continuing on October 4 and 18, November 1, November 22, December 6, 2015, March 6, April 3, April 9, co-presentated with Kazoo! Fest, May 1, and the final in our series on June 5, 2016, as part of the Guelph Dance Festival, co-presented by the Guelph Dance Festival and Guelph Jazz Festival.

November 22, 2015 marks the first YOUTH/STUDENT Capacitance, a fundraiser for the Guelph Youth Dance Company in support of their upcoming trip to China in the Spring 2016.  Come support the new generation of hard-working, immensely talented artists in Guelph.

All shows take place at 2 pm, at Movement42, 42 Quebec Street, Third Floor Studio, and cost $10 or pwyc at the door.

Stay tuned for more details. To stay informed of our events, please sign up to our occasional email list here.

what, why, who

Capacitance is a project offering divergent artists an opportunity to play together.  Improvisation demands a focus that invites one to stay in the moment; to perceive and respond.  I’m interested in engaging in the unfolding, ethereal process of real-time decision making, challenging and stretching the skills we’ve come to depend on in our various fields as artists.

The genesis of Capacitance was over twenty years ago, when I met Ben Grossman. We would talk for hours about improvisation, he, from his perspective as a musician who worked with dancers and intermedia, and myself, a dancer at that time expanding my anatomical and physiological knowledge base by learning the skills and art of Massage Therapy.  I had studied at Concordia with Malcolm Goldstein in a course he created specifically for dancers.  The material he offered blew my mind;  it facilitated observations that spanned the art disciplines, making connections that hadn’t occurred to me before.  Rules were challenged, and doors were opened. Through the lens of improvisation, the creative and imaginative process could be explored on new terms, silence and stillness being essential elements.  For any technically trained artist, necessary patterns are formed, and habits are manifested.  Improvisation offers an opportunity to subvert familiarity and expectations, and turn off our analytical surveillance, allowing for a portal beyond ourselves.  Capacitance is an opportunity to share the challenge, risk-taking and humour that comes with not knowing.  It was really important for me to have a dedicated period of time to see many different artists collaborate in this listening/responding, real-time exchange.  I hope to illuminate a flicker of freedom that comes from loosening the tight grip we have on our lives, welcoming humility and creativity.

Ben and I envisioned hosting a dedicated series of performance improvisation, drawing artists together from near and far.  After receiving a successful grant from the Ontario Arts Council, I am thrilled to be curating this project.

I will be keeping a blog, posting ideas, musings, thoughts, writings, articles… etc. on improvisation throughout the duration of this project.  Please share your insights, comments and stories.  And come join us for the Capacitance performances, expanding our collective experience, and revealing how improvisation informs and transforms us!

From it’s inception, I’ve had the delight in engaging in rigorous discussions with Ben and our children Eden and Isabel, and am immensely grateful for their insight, wisdom, relentless support, hours of patient tech guidance and hard work, (Eden created this website, designed posters, captured video footage…) and of course, their love.

Lynette Segal

I am a professional dance artist working in the fields of choreography, improvisation, and education.  My practice is informed by the seminal work of Trisha Brown, Steve Paxton, and John Cage, among others. I’m intrigued by concept, process, collaboration, and creating opportunities for connectedness that make interdependency apparent.  Over the past twenty eight years I have performed across Canada.

In addition to being the mother of two stellar people, I have had the honour of spending countless hours practising Massage Therapy for the past twenty years.